10 Casino Trends for 2017

By GGB Staff   Wed, Nov 23, 2016

10 Casino Trends for 2017

As always, with the coming of the new year comes new challenges for operators, suppliers and the gaming industry at large. The gaming business is approaching a crossroads in any number of areas, from the spread of online gaming to the creation of new types of experiences on the casino floor.

How soon will the era of eSports blossom? Will the industry’s lobbyists finally convince the U.S. Congress to repeal the federal ban on sports betting? When will online gaming spread beyond the three U.S. states where it is now legal? With help from our editorial board and experts on each of the trends emerging in gaming, here is our view of the top 10 trends to follow in 2017. As always, we welcome your feedback on how you see the new year progressing on these and other topics.

10 Casino Trends for 2017:
1. The Era of eSports is Upon Us

2. Betting on Sports Betting

3. Fading Furor: ‘Off-rez’ Gaming in Decline

4. Stagnating iGaming

5. Two of a Kind: Legalized Gaming in Brazil & Japan

6. Managing Revenue

7. Skill Wave

8. Doing the Numbers: Lotteries & Technology

9. Getting Better All the Time: The Future of the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network

10. Back in the Black: Macau Rebound

By GGB Staff

Staff writers for Global Gaming Business magazine, Las Vegas, Nevada.

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