Separate site statistics for casino managers

Separate casino statistics

Now GamblingBuilder managers can view detailed statistics for each casino separately.
For this purpose, sign in, if you are not logged in yet, and select Calendar option in left-side menu.

In the drop-down list of casino domains choose the site which statistics you are interested in.

Earlier site statistics was common for all sites and it was hard to analyze. From now on, nothing prevents you from managing several sites at once. So now you can determine the most profitable casinos as well as the ones that require additional promotion.

Moreover, if previously you had to pay $ 10 per year for each casino, now you are able to get online casino absolutely for free. Therefore, you can create as much casinos as you want. You can use different languages ​​and domain names, but keep in mind that you need to use appropriate keywords in the domain name. Read this hint to learn how to choose a domain name that will attract players.

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